Neknel Marketplace, Open for Business

Hello citizens,

We’ve now arrived at the next stop on our journey, the Neknel Marketplace, an ecosystem specifically designed for Keiken to list exclusive artworks for the exchange of $WISDOM.

Explore the marketplace → here

Origin Story

Wisdoms for Neknel was born out of the idea of creating an ecosystem for Keiken to share their artworks through a gamified exchange with cryptocurrency. We created our precious Wisdom Vessels to hold our experimental art coin $WISDOM, which can be harvested and then exchanged in the Neknel Marketplace.

Wisdom for Neknel → Wisdom Vessels → $WISDOM Currency → Neknel Marketplace

How it Works

In the Neknel Marketplace you will be able to find exclusive NFT artworks from Keiken and collaborators, as well as acquired NFTs from our favourite collections. The artworks listed are available to collect using harvested $WISDOM currency, which can only be acquired through holding our Wisdom Vessel NFTs.

Once you’ve collected an artwork from the marketplace it will be available to view and interact with as you would with any other NFT, it will be displayed in your wallet, on multiple platforms and be able to be sold on secondary markets.

When $WISDOM is used to purchase items from the marketplace it will be held in the Neknel treasury and later distributed back into the community, in order to preserve the longevity and exchange in the marketplace.

Harvesting $WISDOM

If you hold a Wisdom Vessel:

  • Connect your wallet on

  • Go to your Vessels page

  • Click 'Harvest'

  • Confirm in wallet (small gas fee)

  • H a r v e s t i n g

  • See your updated $WISDOM balance in top nav

  • Exchange $WISDOM for NFTs in the marketplace!

Each Wisdom Vessels generates 10,000 $WISDOM over a 12 month time span, roughly 27 $WISDOM per day. If you hold more than one Vessel, repeat the above process on each to harvest all of the $WISDOM it has acquired up to the current point.

Marketplace Items

Silky, by Keiken
10 Editions
1500 $WISDOM

Maschine ₉₇₄, by Harm van den Dorpel

Zorbs, by Zora
3 Editions

Friendship Bracelets #13802, by Alexis André

Finiliar #7201, by Fini

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