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If we based our economies upon such a powerful life-force as wisdom, how would the gameplay of our existence be altered?

Why Wisdom?

Cryptocurrencies have already disrupted traditional financial systems, introducing novel concepts such as decentralisation, transparency, and security. With Wisdom speculated as a currency, the emphasis shifts from computational power and complex algorithms to harnessing the collective wisdom of a network of participants.

Wisdom Vessel (still)
Wisdom Vessel (still)

What is $WISDOM?

$WISDOM is an ERC20 token on Ethereum and the first currency of our speculative universe, Neknel. $WISDOM is accrued and emitted from the 1,111 Wisdom Vessels, as soon as a Vessel is collected it will begin to grow $WISDOM which then can be harvested at any time.

$WISDOM is an experimental art coin designed specifically for Keiken, aimed at forging a vibrant virtual ecosystem where artists, collectors, and friends can converge and exchange with a protopian vision.


The supply of $WISDOM is intentionally limited to 11,110,000 tokens. These tokens are generated by the Wisdom Vessels gradually over a span of 12 months, during this timeframe each Vessel will accumulate 10,000 $WISDOM. This controlled emission ensures a gradual and sustainable distribution of $WISDOM. When the Wisdom Vessels are first launched there will be 0 $WISDOM, but as the Vessels start generating and the holders start harvesting, a Wisdom economy will ultimately form.

$WISDOM is not premined, nor is there any founder allocation. The harvesting process is exclusively reserved for holders of Wisdom Vessel NFTs.

Harvesting your $WISDOM will take place on neknel.world 🌐

$WISDOM Coin concept design
$WISDOM Coin concept design

Utility + Marketplace

$WISDOM is the first currency of Neknel, and built for the Neknel Marketplace. $WISDOM can be used to purchase 1/1 NFTs, limited editions, experiences and game items from Keiken and collaborators! When $WISDOM is used to purchase items from the marketplace it will be held in the Neknel treasury and later distributed back into the community, in order to preserve the longevity and exchange in the marketplace.

$WISDOM is an experimental artwork and not intended for financial value. We will not be creating a liquidity pool, however we understand when $WISDOM is in the hands of citizens, they are free to interact with it how they wish. The $WISDOM contract has not been audited, please use at your own risk.

Wisdom Vessel Mint Info

1,111 dynamic, webGL based, generative, interactive NFTs, and all producers of $WISDOM ERC20

Allowlist → 0.05 ETH
Public → 0.08 ETH

Minting now on neknel.world/mint

Wisdom Vessel (still)
Wisdom Vessel (still)

Wisdom Seeds 🌱

Wisdoms for Neknel Introduced by Keiken + Daata

Keiken in conversation with Café JPG

Yasaman Sheri in conversation with Keiken

Helen Pritchard in conversation with Keiken

Wade Wallerstein in conversation with Keiken

Mindy Seu in conversation with Keiken

Penny Rafferty + Ruth Catlow in conversation with María Paula Fernández

Eileen Isagon Skyers in conversation with María Paula Fernández

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