Neknel Marketplace Drop Calendar

Following the sell out of our first artwork, Silky, in the Neknel Marketplace today at 13:00 ET we’re back with an opportunity to collect an iconic NFT, Maschine ₉₇₄ by Harm van den Dorpel!

This is a working post and will be edited with launch updates and artworks coming to the Neknel Marketplace, stay in touch with us by subscribing below

Silky, by Keiken

10 Editions
1500 $WISDOM
Sold out, available on secondary


Maschine ₉₇₄, by Harm van den Dorpel

3000 $WISDOM
20.07.23 → Neknel Marketplace


Zorbs, by Zora

3 Editions
1000 $WISDOM
27.07.23 → Neknel Marketplace


Friendship Bracelets #13802, by Alexis André

3000 $WISDOM
03.08.23 → Neknel Marketplace


Finiliar #7201, by Fini

7000 $WISDOM
10.08.23 → Neknel Marketplace


Coming Soon…



$WISDOM is generated and available to harvest from our precious Wisdom Vessels and is the currency required to participate in the Neknel Marketplace!

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